Designer Vandalism

As I reading the Designer Vandalism, I am thinking the advantage and disadvantage of cut ’n’ paste. When the author talking about the mass product and cut ’n’ paste, he thinks it hurts a lot for the Indonesian. It is true also in China, lots of people and company are making clothes as other designers do. They do not think about what their own ideas are. I suddenly cannot help thinking about uniqlo’s UT. They also put a lot of simple logos onto the T-shirt. I think it is pretty good idea. I also have some of them. It is simple as well as bringing enough useful information. To me, Uniqlo represent part of the Japanese culture, which is accepting everything then making them become their own thing. As a brand, uniqlo is very successful in marketing. By the way, the logo of Uniqlo is using the basic graphic design principal: using simple word with vivid color to make it remarkable.

Jay-Z Empire State of Mind

I really like this version,it is more interesting than the original one.

Lyrics from this song really represent the life of Jay-Z. He was born in the New York. It makes me think the city I was raised. It effects you a lot along with your life.

The Cranberries – Zombie

They are caring about society event.  Terrorist is always horrible so that the band made the song to criticize terrorist.

Lady Gaga – Yoü And I

She always have something new to surprise every one.


It is a pantene advertisement I think is very good as a MV.



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Hello world!

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